DTG offers online marketing services to small business enterprises (SME’s) in The Netherlands. We enable entrepreneurs to connect with new customers by helping them with their online visibility. DTG is a one-stop-shop providing SME’s Profile, Websites and Advertising services like Google AdWords™ and Facebook Campaigns. DTG is the market leader in building, hosting and managing websites and through DTG’s Media: the paper De Telefoongids (white pages) & Gouden Gids (Yellowpages), the (mobile)site detelefoongids.nl and the Search & Find app, are used 11.5 million times each month to search for SME’s.

DTG has been a partner for SME’s in The Netherlands for more than 125 years and has 146.000 active business customers. We employ 580 employees and have offices in Amsterdam, Zwolle and Eindhoven.

Contact Information


Herikerbergweg 88,
1101 CM Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 408 64 00
Fax: +31 20 614 06 14
Website: www.dtg.nl